Sold out

Recommend retail selling price for Ropeit is $29.99. This price point identifies a buyer willing to spend and a thoughtful value proposition creates an opportunity to sell more products. Here’s a few easy tips:
  • All a beginner needs to start learning golf is an 8 iron and a Ropeit. Consider selling 5-8 irons with Ropeit as a starter kit.

  • We recommend bundling with golf mats, for an easy up-sell. Most people won’t want to divot their lawn.

  • Many items and training tools work well with Ropeit. Try placing with alignment rods or swing trainers to create a backyard training experience.


Ask About Logo Customization

  • Only $1.00 more!
  • Full color print
  • Minimum order of 48 units
  • Perfect marketing opportunity for an organization or event
  • Email

Marketing Support

Ropeit is packaged neatly to hang on a peg board. Stock 6 units snugly on a countertop with our eye popping Point of Purchase displays; entice customers and raise product awareness. For only $25 you can have a display do the selling for you.

Shipping International terms apply. Freight on Board Wilmington DE, 19809. Paid by Customer. Sales Tax does not apply in State of Delaware. For Custom Orders Email or Call (855) 767-3486.