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The Ropeit golf ball is a practical solution for any golfer to improve their game.

Now you can to hit a real golf ball anywhere. It's painful driving to the golf range and paying for balls every-time. Handcrafted by golfers just like you right here in the U.S.A. so you can hit golf balls from the comfort of your own backyard, or park, wherever you have a nice patch of grass. It's lightweight so you can bring it with you and takes seconds to setup for convenient practice anytime. The patented design contains a full swing golf shot into a 20 yard flight path, so you can gauge your shot quality and determine direction. Instant feedback and consistent repetition improves ball striking and lowers golf scores. Golf practice is hard enough, Ropeit makes it easy with these amazing features:

      • Real golf ball for true feel
      • 20 yards of flight for instant feedback
      • Durable for thousands of shots all season long
      • Good for any skill-level golfer
      • Convenient and simple for everyday practice
      • Time and money saver
      • 30 day no risk warranty