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This real feel take-it-with-you golf mat lets you swing ‘down and through’ with true divot action for realistic practice. Watch the Take-it-with-you mat in action, shown on RopeitGolf's Instagram:


Ropeit is fun to take with you to the beach a park or field. This mat provides an ideal surface to hit Ropeit from anywhere you take it. Improve your game by practicing on a realistic surface with these incredible features:

      • Compact and portable 9"x14"x1" design
      • Durable for use season-after- season
      • Dense Fiber Matrix
      • Swing Down And Through
      • True Divot Action

The Real Feel Golf Practice Mat is the perfect option for golfers looking to practice away from the driving range. Use it with the Ropeit to improve your overall practice experience, create real ball striking feel and save your lawn from divots!

Want A Larger Mat?

For a stationary golf practice setup in your home we recommend the Backyard Golf Mat. Same quality but larger 14"x27"x1" dimensions. Great for every day use at home.