You Get To Hit A Real Ball.

The Ropeit is all about being "real" -- that means that when you hit the ball you get that one-of-a-kind sound that only golf manaics love to here: "Whack!" We use Dixon Earth balls. We don't skimp. Ever. 


You Get To See 50 Ft. Of Ball Flight.

Think about it for a sec: If you're hitting golf balls into a traditional net, how much flight do you get to see? Well, whatever your answer it's probably best suited to be measured in inches! The Ropeit delivers 50. Feet. Of. Flight. There's enough time to hit the ball, look up and make a real assessment of where you ball is headed. And, yeah, that's the whole point of practicing!


It's Simple To Set Up. Goes Anywhere.

1. Tie a knot. 2. Hit ball. 3. Repeat until it's dark or your wife or girlfriend is hollering at you. Seriously, we thought hard about whether we even wanted to use the words "set up". The Ropeit can be set up faster than it took you to read this far on the page. 


The Only Way to 90

If you're like us, when you find yourself with 10 minutes of free time you think of golf. Sure, you could jump into your car and go to the nearest driving range -- but your ten minutes is already over by the time you get there! You could have whipped out the Ropeit and whacked 50 balls. Get Your Swings In! It's the only way to 90. Do this 10,000 times a summer and you'll break 90 asap!