It's A Real Ball. It's Connected To...

Simulation is for the birdies, right? We've got real balls for you.  You can hit 'em, whack 'em, chip 'em, drive 'em, crush them into oblivion -- whatever your verb, it's the noun here that counts: Dixon Earth Balls. Need we say more?


10 Feet Of Rope + 10 Feet Of Parachute Cord...

It's a funny thing: a rope tied to a ball -- but it's no laughing matter to get the recipe right: We mix 10 feet of our custom rope with 10 feet of bungee goodness to get the right amount of lightness, the right amount of drag and just enough boomerang... more on that later. 


Which Is Connected To A 5 LB Weight. So You Can Enjoy...

No, we don't expect you to carry around a 5lb weight. But we hope you'll get a feeling for what 5lbs feels like. Um, there's a website that helps with that. And you don't have to be a sailor -- we're talking basic knots here. 


20 Yards of Ball Flight!

20 yards is 50 feet. And that's 600 inches! Point: Anyway you measure it, it's like a light year longer than a golf net. This matters for one GIGANTIC reason: you get to see where your ball is headed (psst! that's why we hit 'em in the first place). 


It's Part Boomerang, Too.

Yes, we spliced boomerang genes with golf ball genes. The Ropeit -- when you're in the zone and you're whackin' them like a boss -- will come back to within 5 feet of you. Reach out, hook it with your club and hit it again.