The 1, 2, 3s

The Ropeit is a safe and practical way to hit golf balls when used correctly. Setup is simple and only takes a minute. Follow these instructions before use.

  1. Tie the Ropeit to a 5lb+ weight 
  2. Find 20 yards of clear, open space and decide what direction you want to shoot
  3. Setup Ropeit according to the diagram below. 


Before You Swing

  • Make sure Ropeit is setup according to the diagram
  • Only use the Ropeit on low grass, turf or sand
  • NEVER hit The Ropeit towards someone 
  • Inspect Ropeit carefully for any damage before each use. DO NOT use if product is broken or damaged. (Ex: frayed rope, loose eye screw or knots, cracked ball)
  • The Rope It was designed for use with mid irons, Six, Seven, and Eight; DO NOT use with Hybrids, Fairway Woods, Drivers or tees



What To Look For

A good swing results in a straight flight path, pure contact with the ball, and a quick snap of the rope. A poor swing will feel heavy off of the club face, the shot may curve off to the left or right. Use the weight as a target line to aim your shot and determine direction.





Track Your Practice Sessions With The Ropeit iPhone App

This handy iPhone app allows you to keep a shot count during practice sessions. Give each shot a rating 1-5 and keep an average of your progress. Email yourself the results or share with friends on Facebook. Whatever you do, just keep rope'ing it.

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