We put an ultra high quality, eco-friendly Dixon Wind golf ball on the Ropeit to ensure premium ball feel and performance. A loop around a metal screw eye secures the ball to the rope. Nothing can replace the feel of contact with a real golf ball.





The special combination of high strength nylon rope and durable elastic bungee is the secret to Ropeit's performance. The bungee stretches to absorb the energy of the shot while the taunt nylon drops the ball safely to within a few steps of the golfer every time. Hand crafted in the USA to be resilient and last all season long





A 5lb or more object is all that's required to use Ropeit (You provide your own). We recommend a dumb bell, or any other weighted object you can find. A simple slip knot around the anchor is all it takes to secure Ropeit so it's ready for use. Read more about setup on our how-to page 







With Ropeit you will see the first 20 yards of flight, improving your ability to gauge the trajectory of your shot and direction. Unlike a hitting net, or practice ball, your shot will be visible and provide clear vision as to where it would end up if not attached to a rope.