Make It Easy To Play Golf Everywhere.

That's our motto.
Learning golf is difficult!
It takes a lot of practice to even learn proper ball striking. 

Our mission is to provide golfers of every skill level the ability to learn proper swing mechanics anywhere, on their own schedule.  With Ropeit, you can literally setup in seconds and start practicing golf immediately.  The pain of driving to golf facilities is gone.  Practicing golf is something that should be done every day, but it shouldn't be an overwhelming task that takes over your life.

With Ropeit, anytime is a good time to take a few shots. 
The time commitment is minimal, and the results are powerful.

If you make golf practice simple, convenient and affordable then you will be more consistent. Any teaching pro will tell you that consistent practice is the way to improve your golf game and lower your scores. Building on the concept of 'easy practice' we believe we could introduce the game to more people. By providing new golfers a means of practice away from the prying eyes of onlookers they would be able to learn the fundamentals of the game quickly. Golfers who grasp the game quickly often have a much higher retention rate and continues to play for a lifetime..

Ropeit's Origin

Invented in the early 90s by John Girifalco as a way to practice golf during his lunch hour, the first Rope It was a crude version of what we know today. It was simply a golf ball, tied to a string. Today it is a specially calibrated backyard practice range tied to a bungee rope. 

As the years went by, John made many alterations to improve his invention.
He meticulously tested different types of rope, noted their characteristics, and eventually began combining ropes to see how they interacted. After finding the optimal combination, and rope length, he looked for the most effective way to attach a golf ball.

Once its design was settled upon, he developed new ways of training using his invention, and improved his golf swing along the way. To quote him, "there are many ways to improve your golf swing, but none more effective than to practice with a real golf ball." The final Rope It design, which we now know as the take-it-with-you driving range, was settled upon in 2002 and has not changed much to this day.

While attending his first year at the University of Delaware, John's son Louis, wrote a Ropeit business plan to be submitted to the Alfred Lerner Business Development Competition. He received second place, inspiring him to develop his entrepreneurial skill set. A friend and fellow UD classmate, Marc Reda, was an avid golfer with a keen business sense. He saw the Rope Its potential and his enthusiasm led the two recent graduates to implement the original business plan, making the Ropeit a reality. Ropeit Golf, LLC. was founded in 2009.