Say Hello To The Team Behind The RopeIt Pro

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Introducing the Ropeit Pro Team!

We'd like to take a little time to recognize the excellent work our team of University of Delaware students is doing. We're half-way through an instance push to get the Ropeit into the future -- with real-time data analysis of how a golf ball is traveling through the air, we're crafting our new technology to make the Ropeit Pro smarter, more helpful and downright cool.

These are the people who are making this a reality.

Marissa Eppes RopeIt Pro Team

Marissa Eppes

Marissa is a University of Delaware Biomedical Engineering student from Wilmington, Delaware. She is currently working with the RopeIt team on behalf of the University of Delaware’s Senior Design Program. Marissa works to develop and refine mathematical models that will drive our cutting-edge golf practice device.


Andrew Singles RopeIt Pro Team

Andrew Singles

Andrew is currently a senior Biomedical Engineering major with a minor in Bioelectrical Engineering at the University of Delaware. He previously worked in the medical field for both the University of Delaware and Christiana Care Health Systems with responsibilities ranging from assisting professors with research to actively participating in patient care. Andrew first became involved with RopeIt Pro as part of his Senior Design Project this year.


Zach Firth RopeIt Pro Team

Zach Firth

Zach is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware studying Bio-medical engineering with a Spanish minor. He has been a devoted golfer his entire life. Zach looks to fuse his passion for golf with his engineering knowledge to become a great asset for the Ropeit team.


Christine Wilkerson RopeIt Pro Team

Christine Wilkerson

Christine is currently a senior at the University of Delaware majoring in Mechanical Engineering and working toward a minor in Biomedical Engineering.  She worked as an intern for the owner of a Maryland-based company, Compressed Air Management Technologies, fulfilling a wide range of duties such as creating wiring diagrams, wiring and building electrical panels, working with PID and PLC controllers, and some PLC programming. As her senior project, she was paired with the Ropeit to help us create the next-generation golf tool.


Melanie Davis RopeIt Pro Team

Melanie Davis

Melanie is a senior at the University of Delaware -- she'll be gra in the Fall of 2013. She is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Biomedical Engineering and is apart of the RopeIt senior design team. She is working testing procedures, in-the-field testing, and the validation our team's design. She is also currently employed part-time at W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc. Melanie has hopes of pursing a full time commitment there after graduation.


Chris Hazel RopeIt Pro Team

Chris Hazel

A "techie" and gadget-lover at heart, Chris strives to be an innovator and creator on the Ropeit team. As a Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Delaware, Chris has always thrived on solving new problems – and after a casual conversation one day with Louis in June 2011 about his plans for Ropeit, Chris was eager to get involved with product research and development.

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