The Budget Golfer Reviews the Ropeit: " of the most efficient golf practice tools on the market."

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Budget Golfer reviews The RopeIt

Raise your hand if your backyard is over 100 yards long.  I’m sure many of us are within a half lob wedge away from our closest neighbor.  How often does the opportunity arise to take a full golf swing and analyze your ball striking away from the driving range?  I can answer that question for you.  Quite often now that the guys at Rope It Golf have developed one of the most efficient golf practice tools on the market.

With the budget golfer in mind, the guys at Rope It developed a practice aid that gives you the ability to take a full swing and strike a real golf ball without the worry of breaking your neighbor’s windows and running or forking over the $10 bill for a large bucket.  Getting better at golf is all about accuracy.  We can’t be accurate if we aren’t decent ball strikers, and for just $19.99 (which is the average price of two large buckets at the driving range) the Rope It Backyard Practice Range allows ball striking training like never before.


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