Ottawa Golf Blog Reviews the Rope It: "I love to practice golf in my backyard"

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Ottawa Golf Blog reviews The RopeIt

Pretty simple, a real Dixon golf ball attached to a nylon/bungee rope. You need at least 20 yds of practice area where there’s no one around. Anchor the rope to a weight or other heavy object. Face the bolt that attaches ball to the rope towards the weight. Keep rope curved and out of swing path and commence your shots with your mid-irons. For use on grass only. When I don’t have a lot of time before a round I can setup the Rope It in a couple of minutes in my backyard and get a quick warm up. I love to practice golf in my backyard. I do lots of chipping and short pitches which is great. So being able to use the Rope It with my mid irons adds a new element to my backyard practice.


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