Ropeit Logo Receives A Makeover

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When form meets function and an image says it all.

The logo says a lot about a company, we wanted ours to capture the essence of Ropeit at a glance. Check out the old vs the new, and tell us what you think!

New                                        Old



A word from the designer...

"In recreating the the new Ropeit logo I took on a few tasks. I tried not to stray too far from the original logo. Firstly, I had to change the logo from "Rope It" to "Ropeit." I was instructed to make it into one word but I still wanted to visually separate the words. I connected the words "Rope" and "it" but used color to differentiate between the two. Secondly, I moved the golfer into the stem of the "R" to allow the logo to look more centered and aesthetically pleasing when printed or placed on a product. Thirdly, the "swoosh" was made to go from the ground to the dot of the "i" (tittle). This is representational of where the ball is actually struck on the Ropeit. I took out anything that was unnecessary, such as textures, and toned down the colors. Over all I think the new logo is more universal."

- Corey Allen, Graphic Designer

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