Have You Heard About Ropeit Pro? We Need Beta Testers, Sign Up Today!

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You may have read about our partnership with University of Delaware Engineering to develop a Ropeit Pro. The Fall semester is here and a group of talented Masters students have teamed up to build upon our smartphone app and the first prototype designed by Chris Hazel back in April. 

The base model of Ropeit, which consists of a parachute and bungee cord attached to a golf ball at one end and a weight at the other, provides an effective and convenient practice tool for golfers of all skill levels. However, it would be beneficial for the user to receive quantitative feedback regarding the quality of each shot, while still being able to practice in his or her own backyard. 

In the current market, there is need for an inexpensive and practical way for the user to receive such feedback immediately after each shot is taken. This would allow the user to make the necessary adjustments after each shot and ultimately improve his or her golf swing. The goal is to design an accessory sensor for the RopeIt base model that will collect data regarding the probable ball trajectory of each shot, then transmit that data to an external device to quickly calculate the desired measurements.

In order to design the perfect backyard simulator we need participation from golfers. Understanding the needs of each specific golfer will help us create a product that is both beneficial as a serious practice tool and enjoyable for the casual golfer. We want to know about your golf game. It is easy to participate, just fill out a quick questionnaire and submit. Completing the survey registers you for a chance to become a beta tester of the first Ropeit Pros, expected to roll out Spring 2014.

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