PGA Tour Fedex Cup Championship

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As the race for the FedEx Cup comes to a close with the Tour Championship, there are a few key players making great strides to ensure their spots at the top of the bracket. Many golf greats are taking the course with shear determination to be the one that takes home the coveted $10 million prize. As the FedEx Cup finishes out it's last leg, golf fans are sure to see some amazing golf.


The top contenders vying for the FedEx Cup prize this season are Tiger Woods, Henrik Stenson, Adam Scott, Zach Johnson, and Matt Kuchar. There was no doubt to who would be sitting at the top during this final stretch, but there are sure to be some interesting battles. Leading by 123 points, Tiger is no stranger to the top seat at this event. He has previously won the FedEx Cup twice and is in good standing to do it again. There is no doubt that the golf pro is looking to close this weekend, and relying on his previous experience here, he is definitely capable. 1,022 point behind Tiger, all eyes are on Matt Kuchar to make a dashing move to the top. Kuchar is one contender that could definitely overthrow Tiger in this event. Playing the best season of his career, Kuchar is a huge threat in this competition, having won multiple PGA events this year. He has played with tremendous determination, and everyone will be watching to see if it is enough to catch Tiger. But before Kuchar can move closer to the top, he has to pass Adam Scott and Zach Johnson, who are 230 and 509 points respectively behind Tiger. 

Pivotal Points and Incredible Shots

Birdies have been the talk of the season as player after player has racked them up. These incredible shots have transitioned players back and forth, but the most shocking news was how bad veteran Rory McIlroy played this year. golf fans were shocked to see him, usually in the top contenders, slip way below his normal standard.

The back and forth race between Henrik and Tiger is making major buzz, and Matt Kuchar is anxiously waiting for something to open up for him. As this tournament continues, there is sure to be a lot more controversy, great shots, and all around amazing golf. For golf fans, this is definitely one that they will want to stick out watching until the very end. 

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