The Hackers Paradise Reviews the Ropeit: "What do you do when you..."

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Hacker's Paradise reviews The RopeIt

What do you do when you just get the urge to hit some balls in the yard? Or what about when you’re working on some swing changes and you really just need to get some reps in with a club and a golf ball to get those changes engrained into your memory? Do you go out and hit plastic whiffle balls or maybe foam distance restricted in the yard? I have some and I will be honest, I hate them. I don’t have a net, that would be nice but for what little benefit you get from a net I just haven’t invested the time or effort into getting one. THP was recently sent a device that just might be the answer; it’s called The Rope It. The Ropeit is a real golf ball attached to a cord that allows you up to 20 yards of ball flight. Let’s check it out to see if we’ve got a solid solution to in yard practice at anytime.

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