Chicago Duffer Reviews the Ropeit: "The Ropeit is a perfect training tool..."

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In my never-ending quest to find the perfect practice aid or golf training product, I recently had the opportunity to try out The Rope It; a new golf product aimed at allowing you to hit a real golf ball in your own backyard without the need of a driving net.  When I first learned about this product, I admit that I was pretty skeptical about the effectiveness of this training tool (let alone many safety concerns associated with its proposed design).  But, in the spirit of golf innovation I agreed to give it a go… and I am glad that I did.The design of The Rope It is relatively simple: an actual golf ball modified to include a heavy-duty steel loop, which attached to a long bungee cord.  In reading that high-level description, I am sure you can predict the first thought that went through my head: “How in the world is this thing not going to come back and hit me in the pills head?”  Well, rest assured that while the design of this product may seem crude, it is evident that a lot of trial and error went into perfecting the product to allow for the highest level of safety possible.

The Rope It, as explained above, is a real golf ball on a long bungee cord that allows for 20 yards of flight when hit.  The key to the product is that the other end of the cord is attached to a dumbbell weight (or similar heavy object) that serves as an anchor.  While the golfer must provide their own weight for this purpose, most people can find something lying around the house that will suffice.  As long as the cord is secured to this object, the ball will fly to the limit of the cord and safely fall down to the ground.  Again, the flight is roughly 20 yards total, making this product ideal for backyard use.

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