Rope It Goes To South Africa on Official United States Trade Mission

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We embarked for South Africa not knowing what to expect and getting much more than we could have imagined. Demoing the product about in the golf community, we met some of SA's finest organizations and characters in golf.

Rope It is a product that allows you to hit a real golf ball anywhere, and practice your swing technique. For a relatively low price, it is the perfect way to get started on your path to becoming a true golfer.

Rope it is manufactured by Kent Sussex Industries in Delaware, USA by disabled workers who can easily tie the knots and assemble the ball with minimal aid from supervisors. This gives them a sense of self worth and provides them with a purpose, and work community that is difficult to create.

With a trade agreement set up by politicians in Pretoria, an interest in the SA government to get more young people into the sport, and because of this humanitarian aspect of our company, the state of Delaware sent us on a mission to create a bond with the SA market.

While on the trip we met with many potential retail partners, but ended up for sale in a novelty shop founded in the Brooklyn mall of Johannesburg called The Gadget Shop.

Rope it will be available to golfers this season and be featured as a premier gift item for golfers this Father’s day. Making it easy for a father and son to enjoy the game together, and pass along the skills from one generation to the next.

We look forward to working with with the HPC in Pretoria, The Golf School of Excellence, SA Kids Golf, SAGA and more to bring Rope It to SA and soon the entire continent.


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