Three Useful Tips for Creating Lag In Your Golf Swing

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RopeIt Golf scours the web for some of the best free golf tips for improving your golf game, and passes them on to you. Today's tips are designed to help create 'lag' in your golf swing.

Here is a great video to eliminate "casting" and adding more power and distance to your golf game. Have a look.

Now that you understand the concept, here are a few simple tips to practice what you have learned. The following tips will help you achieve more power in your swing, better ball striking and greater distance on your shots.​

​Tip #1- Clothing Line

You may be able to hang an old sheet from a clothing line. Please make sure to put the line itself high enough. You also can just use your imagination to create a visual image.​


Tip #2 - Impact Bag

For tip two, an impact bag is used. If you do not have an impact bag, you can substitute a cardboard box, or even an pile of old cloths.​ An impact bag is helpful because it immediately gives you the feedback as to the clubface position at the critical moment of impact.

Tip #3 - Practice

For tip three, all you need is a RopeIt and a club. For people with limited space to practice we recommend using your RopeIt to perform these drills. Please pass this tip on to your golfing buddies, and let us know if this tip helped your golf game.

We hope these tips are helpful for you and lower your scores. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn about the latest drills, tips and practice equipment,

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