Kent Sussex Industries and Rope It Golf

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What makes The Rope It Backyard Practice Range unique is its patented construction. The construction could not be performed without the commitment and dedication of individuals at Kent Sussex Industries, Inc. in Milford, DE.

Having tested and refined the Rope It in their basement at the beginning of the business venture, Louis and Marc understand the importance of high quality materials and trust in their manufacturer. Kent Sussex Industries is a private, not for profit vocational rehabilitation organization, which serves the residents of Kent and Sussex Counties Delaware. Louis and Marc were inspired by KSI’s mission to assist people with disabilities in the pursuit of their potential in employment and meaningful participation in their communities. Participants in the KSI facility are referred to by agencies such as the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS), the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), the Division for the Visually Impaired (DVI), Veterans Administration (VA) and various school districts.

The workers at Kent Sussex Industries have perfected the unique combination of materials that have made the Rope It as a backyard practice range so successful. Using the correct proportion of nylon and bungee cords, golfers are able to visualize 20 yards of ball flight until the nylon kills the energy of the bungee and drops the golf ball to the ground.  

“Other practice aids aren’t real golf balls. Ours is the only product that uses a real ball and allows you to see your flight path within 20 yards,” says Rope-It co-owner Louis Girifalco.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you know how difficult it is to practice your swing. With a busy lifestyle, and the need for quality time with family as part of it, you don’t have time or money to invest in driving ranges. That was the dilemma facing golf lover John Girifalco more than twenty years ago when he invented a unique training device he could use in his backyard. Girifalco developed and perfected the Backyard Practice Range over two decades, practicing his long game and still being near his family, while saving on driving range fees and hassles. Through considerable testing and refinement, Girifalco devised a unique construction to gain real-life ball performance, allowing him accurate assessment of his swing.

Now Girifalco’s son Louis and his business partner Marc Reda are taking the manufacturing company Rope It to the next level, creating international distribution of The Backyard Practice range. The two 25-year-old college friends joined the company in 2009, and in 2012 alone doubled the thousands of units sold since the device was invented. With support from federal and state programs to help raise capital and develop expanded export markets, Rope It created strategic partnerships to make The Backyard Practice Range a household brand for golf enthusiasts, both beginner and professional.

The Rope It would not have reached its level of success without the employees at Kent Sussex Industries and continue to be inspired by their mission and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with the facility as future Rope It models are developed. To learn more about how to support the continued efforts of Kent Sussex Industries, please visit:

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