The Rope It Sponsors "A Very Special Place"

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Rope It Golf is thrilled to be partnering with a New York not-for-profit organization, A Very Special Place.  For almost forty years, A Very Special Place has served over 1000 residents of Staten Island with developmental disabilities.  This organization provides a large range of programs and services to individuals of all ages, “with a primary goal of promoting and attaining independence, inclusion, individuality and productivity.”  A Very Special Place is unique in providing individually tailored program services to the people and families they assist.  This allows individuals to seek new opportunities, reach their potential and lead fuller lives in an encouraging and compassionate environment.  Individuals assisted by this organization are supported in meeting their current as well as their long term needs and goals.

On August 20, 2013, the 24th Annual Special Strokes for Special Folks Golf Outing will take place at the South Shore Golf Course and Grand Oaks Country Club in Staten Island, New York.  Proceeds from the event will allow A Very Special Place to continue providing programs and services to individuals and families in Staten Island.

Rope It Golf will be partnering and conducting Rope It demonstrations throughout the event.  Today, the construction of the Rope It Backyard Practice Range is manufactured At Kent Sussex Industries in Milford, DE.  Individuals that belong to a number of handicap agencies participate with this not-for-profit vocational rehabilitation organization. In addition, Rope It Golf has specially designed golf balls with the A Very Special Place's logo which will be available at the event and at As a key fundraising event for A Very Special Place, Rope It Golf is overjoyed to be partnering with this organization and looking forward to the second largest golf outing in New York City!

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