Ropeit Golf Training: Shot Direction

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With Ropeit you will see the first 20 yards of flight, improving your ability to gauge the trajectory of your shot and direction. Unlike a hitting net, or practice ball, your shot will be visible and provide clear vision as to where it would end up if not attached to a rope.

As the ball reaches the apex of flight it can provide useful information. Be sure to align your shot with the weight in front of you. An ideal shot will fly directly over it, letting you know the aim was true.  

Golfers often ask, how can I gauge a slice or hook? Ropeit provides feedback for this as well. A sliced or hooked shot will quickly tail away from the center line. The effects of those types of shots are exacerbated with Ropeit, quickly letting you know in the limited flightpath, how well it was struck.

So next time you're practicing golf with Ropeit remember;

  • Use the weight as your reference point. 
  • Aim your shot over it.
  • Notice the balls position at the apex of flight.

Do this and you will straighten your aim and lower your scores. 

Happy golfing!


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