Keep Your Golf Swing Grooved During Winter

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Now that golf season has come and gone your swing can be free to fall apart right? Wrong! Don't allow that to happen. Keeping your swing grooved and playing shape will help you get back into the swing of things come golf season(no pun intended, but kinda). Best of all, it's much easier than you think and fun. We have all been there before. Its cold out we can't play golf so we let the swing deteriorate over the winter months. But we don't have too. Lets discuss a few ways that one can practice golf during the winter months when driving ranges or practice facilities are unavailable.

First, take your club and swing in the house. Yes I said it. Swing your clubs in your house. Just be careful and make sure you have the space with no one in proximity. A few swings a day just to keep on plane makes a big difference come golf season. I understand that this is far less exciting when there is no ball to be hit but it is effective none the less. But wait theres more! There is a product out there that will allow you to hit a ball indoors full swing and it actually feels remarkably like a real golf ball. I am referring to the Floppy indoor practice ball. It is essentially a bean bag ball with a soft plastic shell and cloth similar to that of a hacky sack. You know, that thing you kicked around with friends when you were a kid. You can set it down on your carpet and actually hit this thing full swing around the house without breaking anything. It feels pretty realistic and definitely helps with ball striking while keeping that swing grooved.

But what about those of us who want to hit a REAL GOLF BALL. What can we do during those winter months when the range is simply out of the question. We're committed but lets face it, not that committed. For those of us who can deal with the cold for a while and hit golf balls there is a solution. I hate to do a shameful plug here but I am going to. The Ropeit is an excellent way to practice in the yard during the winter months. Just set it up take a few shots then run back inside for some warm tea or coco. Yes it isn't ideal and it could be really cold out but its doable. Definitely easier than trekking out to the range and freezing for an hour outside. Far more economical too.

So there you have it. Two viable solutions for winter golf practice. Keeping your swing grooved over the winter will give you a strong start to your season so you don't have to spend half the season getting back in the swing of things (sorry, pun intended). If you use these two practice solutions during winter months you will keep your swing sharp and you may even improve it. That way when you get back out there your rounds will be more enjoyable. 


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