Let's Make Golf Easy For Everyone

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Golf has some major barriers to entry that are unlike those of any other sport. With startup equipment costs comparable to 100 soccerballs, it's no wonder children across the world are choosing other sports in their formative years.

Not only is there a literal monetary expense, but a ridiculously inflated time expense. It takes 4 hours to play a single round, and it's impossible to have a pickup game. In the age of xbox and playstation, kids just don't have the attention span, or the time.

Not only that, but the learning curve is absurdly steep, requiring you to master a diverse set of skills from striking a driver full speed, to developing a touch for putting.

All of these factors have caused a significant decline in new players joining the game over the past decade. Ropeit is doing it's part to change this trend by reducing the cost of getting started, and at the same cutting your time commitment down to a fraction.

But the kicker is that it's fun to hit a golf ball! Once a kid is capable of striking, it can be the spark needed to get them hooked. With no need to drive to a facility, and by requiring only one hand-me-down iron, starting your golf journey has never been more accessible.

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