Golf: Love it or Hate it We can't stop playing

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Many people can agree that their relationship with golf is of the love hate variety. It is the type of activity that is so infuriating yet we keep coming back for more. Sometimes hours are spent on the course in total misery as weekend golfers hack through woods and dig out of sand in the hopes of sinking the ball in a little hole in as few strokes as possible. It can be such a frustrating experience that it makes us wonder why we even play the game at all. We have all been there; fed up, lost all your balls, can't seem to hit one good shot. Yet we come back for more, without fail. So the question remains.. Why do we continue to play a game that infuriates us so much?

The simple explanation: hope. We all hope that we will hit a great drive, sink a long put or stick a green in regulation. Even new golfers have likely experienced the thrill of hitting an excellent shot that drops inches from the pin. It is this sensation that keeps us coming back. We know that we wont hit every shot well but we still hope for it. 

The idea of playing well appeals to every golf enthusiast. Everyone dreams of lower scores. Each round holds the promise of 'the best round ever.' If we can just combine a few good shots together and two put we make par. Simple right? Wrong. For the weekend golfer this seems easy enough but in reality it is very difficult. That's why the pros are pros and everyone else is just there for a good time with friends. We quickly forget the pain we experienced on the course just to return next week with renewed hope and belief that this round will be different. 

Finally, we play for the thrill of it. Most of us know we wont shoot part..or anywhere near it for that matter, but we don't care. Theres something about spending an afternoon out in nature enjoying the scenery and good company that makes the pain of our play bearable. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what your score was as long as you had a good time. Although if we can make a few nice shots here and there then at least there's that. 

The reality is that anyone can get better at golf. We may not all become scratch golfers but with some practice we can become competitive on the course. At Ropeit we believe that if we provide people a convenient means of practice then they will do it more often. If they practice more often they will get better. If they get better they will enjoy the game more. In conclusion, we love to hate golf but we will always come back for more. 

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