Create More Swing Power With A Simple Move

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More power and distance. It's the one thing we hear all the time on the course and at the driving range. So how do we get it? The answer might be easier than you think and best of all it has nothing to do with your strength and size. There is a simple way to generate more power and get more distance out of your swing with one simple move.

Many instructors talk about the importance of turning your right hip to create power. He said that if you are looking at the golfer from behind, you should clearly see the butt cheeks just past impact.

Notice the position of Tiger Woods' hips as he comes through past impact. This indicates he as shifted his weight and subsequently his power driving the ball to distances of 300+ yards. This has less to do with strength than it does technique. Ensuring that you have turned your right hip through the point of impact will help you generate more power and greater distance with each club.

What happens when you rotate your hips is that this allows you to get your shoulders and arms in the optimal power position. This happens because your upper body and lower body move in a synchronized way. In the golf swing, as in most other movements involving the human body, your upper body, including your shoulders and arms, moves in harmony with and in response to the movement of your lower body -- your hips and legs.

In the golf swing this connection of upper and lower body is less obvious because the golf swing is a combination of vertical and horizontal. But the principle is the same. The rotation of the hips pulls your upper torso around and gets your lead shoulder into the correct position (the left shoulder in the case of a right hander) at the point of impact


Trying to make an "all-arms" swing without hip rotation will feel awkward and unsynchronized. Your arms will not be able to follow the momentum that wants to carry them around to a natural finish. This is why golfers who do not "finish" their swing by rotating their lower body will often snap the club back to the starting position.

The basic principle here is that: upper body follows lower body. Understanding this principle can only have a positive impact on your golf swing. With practice and repetition the hip turn will begin to feel natural and you will notice increased distance on your shots without exerting as much energy. Keep this in mind and you will be well on your way to a powerful swing with distance that your friends will envy. If you are a beginner, learning this principle will help you improve quickly and break 90 in no time. 

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