Golf Drill To Improve Ball Striking

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A great golf tip to improve your ball striking, that you can take to the course. There is nothing like sweet pure contact to improve distance and accuracy. Coming out of the shot or looking up, may be the number one reason that most golfers do not achieve this pure contact every time. Play a round of golf, and you will here at least once, from someone, “I came out of the shot” or “I looked up before hitting the ball.” These statements usually follow a very poorly struck golf shot.

Here’s the tip: CLOSE YOUR EYES Or more precisely, close your eyes just after you make contact with the ball. This will keep you from coming out of the shot, or looking up to see where the ball is going before you finish your swing.

The logic is simple. Once you have addressed the ball, and started your swing, the ball is going to go where you hit it. Looking to see where it is going will not change that. With a well struck golf ball, there is plenty of time to see where it is going after you have completed your swing. And that’s the key: “AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE SWING.”

DO NOT think “Keep my head down.” This tends to limit leg action, and a full release. All heads come up in a proper golf swing; they just come up after the ball is hit. The head does not stay down all the way to the finish.

Jack Nicklaus tells a story of how his teacher, Jack Grout, used to grab his hair while he swung at the ball. If he did that to Adam Scott, below, Mr. Grout would have one huge hunk of Adams hair in his hands.

The key is to not look up until after the ball has been struck. A good thought to have as you are addressing the ball is: The ball is going to go where it goes whether I look at it go there or not. If I set up correctly, put a good balanced swing on the ball, it should go towards my target. Then just, swing, hit, close your eyes for a split second, and after a balanced full finish, then look to see where the ball is going. There is plenty of time. So, to improve your club to ball contact, try closing your eyes. After you have tried this tip, please drop us a line and let us know how it worked for you.

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