Ropeit For Beginners

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This training program is a great way for a beginner to ingrain the basics of the golf swing, but even the accomplished golfer will benefit from this program. It is perfect for use with the RopeIt training aid, especially if you are worried about embarrassing yourself at a driving range. It is assumed that you know how to properly grip the club, and setup to the golf ball. Google “golf grip and setup” if you need help with the grip and setup, or better yet, see a PGA teaching professional for a lesson on grip and setup to make sure you get it right.

You will be performing the L to L drill. If you are not familiar with the drill you can Google “golf L to L drill”. There are a lot of links that will demonstrate how to do it properly. I recommend checking out a few of them as there are a few differences in what some feel is important.

At the start of each session you will be performing the swoosh drill to loosen up, and develop rhythm and tempo. The swoosh drill is just swinging the club, back and forth, and trying to make the swoosh of the club head going through the air sound louder and louder at the bottom of your swing, while maintain your rhythm and tempo.

The five things you will be working on:

  1. Keep your eye on the ball.
  2. Right knee
  3. Left Shoulder
  4. Left wrist
  5. Swing path

Use your eight-iron for your practice session. It should only take about 10 minutes. You will be hitting a total of 30 shots. All will be from L to L. For all of the drills you will focus on seeing the club head hit the ball, and always keeping your head still, and behind the ball until after impact. Swing from L to L, and perform the swoosh drill, keeping the 5 motions you are working on in mind, until you are swinging freely and smoothly, with tempo and rhythm.

These instructions are for right-handers. Adjust accordingly if you are left handed.

  1. Keep Your eye on the ball: Hit five shots concentrating on nothing but keeping your eyes on the ball until after contact with the ball. Let your head come up after impact.
  2. Right knee: Hit five shots concentrating on leading your arms and hands in the forward swing with your right knee. In the completed forward L, your hips should be open, your left leg should be straightened, the majority of you weight will be on your left side, while you are balanced on your right toe, with the left side of your right knee, touching the right side of your left knee.
  3. Left shoulder: Develop a good turn away from the ball. Hit five shots with concentrating on touching your left shoulder to your chin, in the backward L.
  4. Left wrist: Hit five shots concentrating on a flat left wrist as you make your backward L.
  5. Swing path: Hit five shots developing your swing path. Make sure the butt of your club points at the ball in the backswing at the backward L, and again when the swing is completed in the forward L.

Put it all together: Hit five shots, and play a game to track your progress. Rate each shot on a 1 to 5 basis, with 1 being perfect, and 5 being horrible. Luckily we have a handy iphone app for this. Don’t think about any of the positions above. Your only swing thoughts should be visualizing the shot, and making crisp contact.

As the full swing will be just an extension of the L to L, if you perform this program three times a week, a total of thirty minutes a week, you will be well on your way to developing a solid golf swing. It will also do wonders for your short game. If you have any questions, please E-mail us at:

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