3 Steps To A Pre-Round Golf Warm-up

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A warmup before your round of golf or tournament is essential to perform at your best. It takes a few swings to get into your groove and you don't want to approach the first tee ice cold. Many people often hit the course before they had a chance to adequately warmup. The result; a poor tee shot followed by a grueling front 9. Here's a few tips to warmup your swing and play the best round you can.

Give yourself enough time 

Give yourself ample time to travel to the course and take care of business; visit the pro shop, get your cart, get your bag ready and lace your shoes up. Take enough shots at the driving range to warmup but not too many where you get tired out. You don't want to waste all the good shots in warmup. Sometimes a course may not have the facilities or you simply don't have the time. This is were Ropeit comes in handy, a few shots before you leave for the course can save you time and money on range balls. Don't be afraid to even take it with you on the course, Ropeit is perfect for a few practice shots during slow play to keep you warm and focused.

Spend time on the putting green 

This is where almost half your shots are happening. Take some time to putt so you have a feel for the greens before you step on the course. If you are able to, try chipping, then putting. A chip on to the green and then a put creates a sense of urgency similar to what you will experience on the golf course. It is also a great way to combine your chip n put practice and condense the warmup in a short amount of time. Try chipping out of different lengths of grass and vary the distances between shots. The more scenarios you practice the better prepared you will be on the course.

Prepare your body and mind

Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical. The practice of meditation and visualizing your shots is often overlooked. If you can see it you can do it. Focus on your approach to the green, you are the architect of your game so plan your shots. Don't forget to stretch! Keep your body limber and flexible. A good stretch will allow you to perform your swing better and increase your distance while avoiding injury. Finally, don't forget to have a balanced meal. You can't expect to make birdies on an empty stomach!


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