QVC Megaphone: What people think about the Ropeit!

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Thank you to all of our fans out there that voted for us on QVC Sprouts; unfortunately, the Ropeit came in second place with 228 “Yes” votes. Here are some of the comments -- the good, the bad and the ugly/funny :-)

Thanks QVC for the opportunity of being on Sprouts!



  • I do appreciate the creativeness that went into developing this item.

  • This product is awesome! Has definitely improved my swing, with out having to pay and drive to a driving range. Recommend this to anyone who would like to improve their own swing with no hassle!

  • This perfect for my dad and brother! They will love it!!

  • Wow I want 10! -MG

  • This looks great! How do I buy one?

  • AMAZING.  Saw this on Reddit, and I would buy this and I've never even played golf!

  • Get rid of the crazy guy in the video. Make the video less cheesy.

  • I don't get it

  • I want to purchase this item.

  • Can't wait to buy it!!!

  • What a great way to practice your swing without having to go anywhere.  You can practice for 5 minutes or an hour in your own backyeard.  I'm loving this.

  • Why didn't anyone think of this before? Kudos!!!!

  • Looks like a great gift idea too!

  • Such a great product!!

  • Classic! I got it for my mom...

  • This is interesting

  • I want this so bad

  • Blessed to those who create.

  • Seems like a good way to learn if you like golf without investing too much.

  • Backyard fun!

  • I dig golfing. This adds another way to practice.

  • Most practical way to hit golf balls ive seen

  • No

  • my dad would love this, we have such a little lawn

  • I own one, and it is awesome.

  • This is weird why do I want a ball on a string that is going to be tangled?

  • looks interesting.  like to try it sometime.

  • We will use this in our townhouse's little back yard!

  • I have this product and it does make it easier to practice in your own yard without the need for a driving range.  I have owned for two years without any issues.  Really good to practice your ball striking.

  • I don't golf, no need for this product

  • This seems dangerous.

  • Creative. I Like it.

  • very cool invention

  • I have purchased and used the rope it golf training ball. It's Fantastic and very easy to use. It's certainly help me with my golf. Greg

  • Now that looks awesome!

  • Perfect for gifts

  • I want this!

  • I don't gold but I think this is really cool. Only concern I have is I hope you tested and tested the golf ball does it never swing back and hit someone.

  • sounds like a great idea would love to see it for sale on qvc

  • Not a golfer but what a good idea.

  • my luck it would come back and hit me in the head

  • sounds dangerous..wont it snap back and hit you?

  • I'm not a golfer, nor is anyone in my family and/ or circle of friends. This just doesn't appeal to or interest me. But, i do appreciate the creativeness that went into developing this item.

  • Is the bungee cord stretchy? If so when I hit it will it bounce back?

  • Hit it boy

  • Great idea! Less trips to the driving range.

  • No thanks.

  • this looks like a practical way to hit golf balls at home

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