A Little Reddit For Your Ropeit?

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Hi folks, a little fun update for you:

We had fun a month ago chatting on Reddit’s ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney and got some great feedback we wanted to share. We love our fans! 

From Mehphp...
“This looks great! I’m gonna snag one right now.”

And later again...

"I just received my "RopeIt" today and I have to say it's amazing. Obviously I won't know if/how it will improve my game just yet but it was a ton of fun to play with. This allows me to hit a full swing golf ball in my yard even though I have neighbors pretty close. The best part is I completely thought the fact that a rope was attached to the ball would mess with my perception but it feels just as natural as hitting a ball on the course. From the limited time I messed with it, it seemed fairly obvious when I made good contact vs. a shanked ball. The one concerning part I saw is that this is a simple eye hook screwed into the ball, seems pretty sturdy but i'll see how that works out as I put it through more use."

And then there's Prodigy14X:
"Well... I think it's a neat idea as opposed to the chipping baskets and things of the like. I'd try it simply because it can give me the same amount (if not more) drives than going to a driving range and buying buckets of balls, while giving me the convenience to not leave my house, it's a win in my book."


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