The Most Practical Golf Training Tool You'll Ever Own.




The Ropeit Golf Ball is a compact golf training solution that delivers full swing golf shots in a limited space without sacrificing performance. Wether you're on a golf course, at a park or in your own backyard Ropeit lets you hit golf balls anywhere. 






Today, in our busy lives, there are many things that get in the way of practicing your golf game. Everyone wants to get better but it is difficult to fit practice into a busy schedule. Luckily, Ropeit's simple and compact design makes it easy to setup and hit golf balls almost anywhere, whenever you have a break from the daily grind.

        VERSATILE                      CONVENIENT





Traditional practice solutions sacrifice performance or mimic the flight. The Ropeit Golf ball is designed to behave like a real ball because it is a real golf ball. We've captured the sensation of a real golf shot and condensed it into a 20 yard flight for versatility and feedback unlike anything else. 

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