Top Three Reasons To Try Ropeit:

#1 Become a Better Golfer

All it takes is a few shots a day with Ropeit and you will see a dramatic improvement in your game. Practice with a real golf ball makes you a better ball striker. Visual feedback helps with shot alignment and direction. So don't hesitate. Start using Ropeit, lower your scores and have more fun out on the course.

#2 Perfect for Learning Golf

We have all been there before. Not sure where to start... too embarrassed to practice at the range... It’s ok, we understand. That's why we've made it easy to learn the game by bringing the driving range into your backyard. Allow yourself to enjoy the sensation of hitting a real golf ball anytime, anywhere. There is no better feeling than when you Ropeit.

#3 Convenience

Ropeit makes golf practice simple and easy. Designed to save you time and money, it is quick to setup, quick to tear down and is versatile enough to be used almost anywhere. Think of the Ropeit as prepaying for range balls, except you don’t have to drive anywhere. With Ropeit, golf practice fits into your budget and schedule, not the other way around.