Top Reasons To Try Ropeit:

Become a Better Golfer

All it takes is a few shots a day with Ropeit and you will see a dramatic improvement in your game. Practice with a real golf ball makes you a better ball striker. Visual feedback helps with shot alignment and direction. So don't hesitate. Start using Ropeit, lower your scores and have more fun out on the course.


Perfect Tool For Learning Golf

We have all been there before. Not sure where to start... too embarrassed to practice at the range... It’s ok, we understand. Ropeit makes it easy to learn the game by bringing the driving range into your backyard anytime. Allow yourself to enjoy the sensation of hitting a real golf ball anywhere. PGA teaching professionals use Ropeit for private home training sessions. It is the most practical tool any level golfer can have in their bag.



Ropeit makes golf practice simple and easy. Designed to save you time and money, it is quick to setup, quick to tear down and is versatile enough to be used almost anywhere. Think of the Ropeit as prepaying for range balls, except you don’t have to drive anywhere. With Ropeit, golf practice fits into your budget and schedule, not the other way around.

We polled subscribers to QVC's Sprout Competition on what they thought of Ropeit. We received tremendous feedback! One golfer actually stated: 

"I have this product and it does make it easier to practice in your own yard without the need for a driving range. I have owned for two years without any issues. Really good to practice your ball striking."

Convenient, affordable practice, without the hassle. This concept resonates with golfers around the world and the reason Ropeit was invented. Inventor John Girifalco created Ropeit so he could hit golf balls anytime, anywhere. He spent years perfecting his design until he developed a practical, easy to use solution for hitting golf balls in a limited space. Learn more about how it works..

Create Your Own Ropeit Golf Practice Range With A Turf Mat 

The Real Feel Golf Mat is a premium turf surface that feels true upon impact and protects your lawn from divots. The durable turf holds up season after season and is the perfect addition to your backyard practice range. Its compact size provides an ideal lie to hit from anywhere you want to hit golf balls. Now you can hit Ropeit golf ball at the beach, a park or even on vacation! Ropeit is the take-it-with-you driving range.





Our Mission: Make Golf Practice Simple

Learning golf is difficult! It takes a lot of practice to even learn proper ball striking. Our mission is to provide golfers of every skill level the ability to learn proper swing mechanics anywhere, on their own schedule.

With Ropeit, you can literally setup in seconds and start practicing golf immediately. The pain of driving to golf facilities is gone. Practicing golf is something that should be done every day, but it shouldn't be an overwhelming task that takes over your life. With Ropeit, anytime is a good time to take a few shots. The time commitment is minimal, and the results are powerful. If you make golf practice simple, convenient and affordable then you will be more consistent. Any teaching pro will tell you that consistent practice is the way to improve your golf game and lower your scores.

Building on the concept of 'easy practice' we believe we could introduce the game to more people. By providing new golfers a means of practice away from the prying eyes of onlookers they would be able to learn the fundamentals of the game quickly. Golfers who grasp the game quickly often have a much higher retention rate and continues to play for a lifetime..